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Find Which Type Of Silage Is Best For Your Farm


Silage is preserved pasture. Making silage is an essential way for farmers to feed cowsand sheep for the duration of instances when pasture is not precise, inclusive of the dry season. Find out how silage is made underneath. 

The technique must be executed under acidic conditions (round pH 4-five) to preserve nutrients and offer a form of meals that cows and sheep will want to devour. Fermentation at better pH affects silage with an awful flavor and lower amounts of sugars and proteins. 

The silage-making process is an art in itself. Different types of silages exist, including many hybrid ones. In general, the common classification under which the silages are separated are: 

●High-moisture silage (< 30% dry matter) 

●Medium-moisture silage (30 – 40% dry matter) 

●Low-moisture silage ( < 30% dry matter) 

Here InIndia, We commonly make and use three types of use due to crop availability:- 

Corn Silage: Corn Silage is the best solution to ensure Higher Quality andmore milk from your animals year-round. 

What is Corn Silage? 

● Corn silage has mainly foraged for ruminant animals. The process can make it ofanaerobic fermentation. 

● Corn Silage is higher in energy also digests quickly. 

● Corn Silage is easily adapted to mechanization from the stand-crop to the time offeeding. 

How is Corn Silage made? 

● Corn silage is made by harvesting crops at 30% to 38% dry matter. 

● After getting chopped, crops are compressed and packed in a bale/bag 

●Fermentation happens, leading to the formation of acetic acid and lactic acid 

●Fermentation takes at least three weeks, creating a nutritious and high-energyfeed for livestock. 

● Instant & Ready to Use Product. 

● European Baling Technology 

● UV Protected Packaging - Shelf Life Upto 18 Months. 

● Compactbale size for efficient space management. 

● Roundthe Year Supply. 

● Affordable Price - Reduced Dependence on Concentrated Feed. 

● Increase in Milk Output. 

● It can be Fed to Cow, Buffalo, and Bull. 

● Sugarcane Silage contains Dry Matter of 32% 

Wheat Silage: 

Instant & Ready to use silage Product. 

● European Baling Technology 

● Shelf Life Upto 18 Months. 

● Affordable Price 

● Increase in Milk Output. 

● It can be Fed to Cow, Buffalo, and Bull. 

● Wheat Silage Dry Matter 32% 

In India,Corn Silage is mainly used and produced. Silage Agro is one of India's major silage manufacturers and suppliers with European machines and precise nutritional valued silage. 

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